Cryotherapy Experience Lounge Designed by KLAFS UK

When you hear the term Cryotherapy – what comes to mind? Do you imagine a character from a science fiction film, frozen for hundreds of years in a mysterious, liquid nitrogen-filled tank? Yes, so did we until we were introduced to the KLAFS UK Cryo Lounge.

We simplify the cryotherapy experience with the KLAFS UK Cryo Lounge, which is a little more down to earth.

Your guests’ experience in the KLAFS UK Cryo Lounge, begins with entering a pre cold chamber at -85°C, then a subsequent stay in the actual application chamber at -110 °C, usually for up to three minutes (depending on choice of installation).

The KLAFS UK Cryo Lounge offers multiple health, beauty and wellness benefits. These include activation of the metabolism, inhibition of inflammation, promotion of improved blood circulation, counteraction of skin aging, enhanced mood, reduction in visible cellulite, possible improved sleep patterns, and resistance to stress with regular treatments. It may also strengthen the immune system.

Whatever benefits they feel, your guests will talk about their KLAFS Cryo Lounge experience for years to come.

What other benefits do Cryotherapy benefits promote?

Originally, Cryotherapy was used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, and today it can be found in top class sports, aesthetics, trendy health clubs, exclusive spas, beauty salons, and pure cryo-centres.

Some ways the extreme coldness of Cryotherapy has been suggested to benefit the user include:

  • reducing arthritic pain
  • treatment of athletic injuries
  • reducing inflammation
  • improving skin conditions, such as eczema

How does the KLAFS UK Cryo Lounge work?

With a focus on sustainable and high-quality facilities, KLAFS UK Cryo Lounges use a technology based on cooling by electricity, rather than liquid nitrogen.

Treatment software is used to define the individual treatment time and sequence, based on the user’s profile, taking into account physical values, personal perception, and the objective of the treatment.

The electrical cooling system is comprised of a cooling machine, control cabinet, and condenser. The KLAFS UK Cryo Lounge is available in two versions:

  • Version one is a one-chamber cabin (-85°C), which is ideal for domestic use, or installation in beauty salons and spa suites.
  • The second version is a two-chamber cabin with the pre-chamber temperature of -60°C, which helps the body to acclimatise to the cold and causes residual moisture on the skin to evaporate. The main chamber drops down to -110°C and 0% humidity. The user should spend a recommended maximum time of three minutes in the Cryo Lounge, spent walking slowly, and taking shallow breaths.

Who is the KLAFS UK Cryo Lounge for?

The KLAFS UK Cryo Lounge can be installed in a private home, or it can be a unique and functional attraction in a range of luxury commercial properties, such as health and wellness spas, boutique hotels, beauty salons, and high-end sports facilities.

Talk to a KLAFS UK specialist today about a Cryo Lounge installation for your luxury commercial property or private home.



This is a much larger commercial installation KLAFS UK Cryo Lounge solution