Exclusive luxury property receives KLAFS spa refurbishment

KLAFS UK was selected to undertake an uber design replacement sauna and steam room at a high-end residential property in the desirable dockland’s area of London, to provide a complete wellness journey for the residents.

The project involved the installation of a new KLAFS sauna and KLAFS steam room at the luxurious residential property.

Selection of the sauna and steam room

The new sauna and steam room were to replace the existing thermal cabins, in the same location, fitting within the existing building and technical constraints. The KLAFS UK Matteo Thun sauna was selected after a presentation to the residents. The exceptional beauty of the KLAFS Matteo Thun sauna helped to secure the contract, along with the suggestion to implement a 2-tier seating configuration in the steam room, along with ceiling-mounted steam blasts.

To avoid disturbing the residents, and minimise disruption, the new cabin components were transported to the working area using a crane, which lifted each component from the kerb to the desired floor. The installation process ran smoothly with the support of the client.

 KLAFS spa refurbishment

Exclusive sauna design also delivers energy savings

Originally designed by the designer duo Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, the Matteo Thun sauna selected for this project is the very first to be installed in a high-end residential environment. This sauna’s design is characterised by the stylish, clean and warm combination of walnut wood and glass, providing indirect lighting with a view into the pool hall and out to the River Thames.

The fully insulated sauna with a double-glazed front and side and double insulation in the ceiling, minimises heat loss and reduces energy consumption, helping to deliver energy savings to the building.

 KLAFS spa refurbishment

New steam room for an enhanced spa experience

By providing a larger steam room and adding tiered bench seating, KLAFS UK not only delivered greater comfort and a more spacious relaxation area, but also enhanced the heat experience for bathers.

Positioning the benches on two levels provides a more flexible seating and lounging surface and a variable heat sensation for the bather as the steam rises. For a more intense steam experience, three of the seats have been equipped with compressed warm air steam jets providing users with a gentle steam blast directly onto their skin, at the touch of a button.

Guncast Pools and Wellness was selected to undertake a significant three-stage refurbishment project of a swimming pool and vitality pool at the property. Guncast is the UK partner for KLAFS, providing saunas, steam baths and a wide range of products for a bespoke, complete thermal journey. Contact KLAFS UK today to start planning your bespoke luxury wellness suite. Email KLAFS UK directly: klafs@guncast.com or call the team on 01798 343725.

KLAFS spa refurbishment