Cooling down

For the ultimate post-sauna refreshment

Ice Lounge

For a memorable icy experience

The new ICE LOUNGE promises the optimum post-sauna refreshment all year round. The central highlight is the optional STALAGMITE ice fountain. The room is cooled down to 14 to 16°C and lined with backlit acrylic glass elements – enhanced by a perfect icy design that is replicated in the cube seats and the panels of the ice fountain. The icy experience can be further enhanced with the optional ATMOSPHERE by KLAFS, complete with stunning ultra-high resolution screens that show dramatic nature images: from snowy peaks to drifting ice flows.

Ice lounges for your spa from KLAFS at Guncast
Snow cabin from KLAFS at Guncast


For a skin-tingling temperature of -10°C

The discerning sauna user can look forward to one of the world’s most exciting ways to cool off in the SNOW PARADISE®, where they can experience the joys of winter all year round.

This not only promotes blood circulation but also has a beneficial effect on the lungs and airways. What could be more refreshing after a sauna than enjoying the unique SNOW PARADISE® experience at a skin-tingling temperature of -10°C? Enjoy the most natural way to cool off – in a winter wonderland of soft, powdery snow surrounded by rocks and crevasses.


From tropical rain to eucalyptus ice showers

After a session in the steam bath or sauna, the KLAFS cooling-off features offer your guests a very special kind of experience in the form of tropical rain, the eucalyptus ice shower or a drenching under the single-jet flood shower head.

Spa showers from KLAFS at Guncast
Ice fountains for spas

Stalagmite Ice Fountain

A frosty spectacle and spa highlight

The STALAGMITE ice fountain is a spa highlight, from which – as the name implies – rather than falling from above, the ice chunks gradually grow upwards.

This small, frosty spectacle is not only soothing, but also invites you to grab one or two frost-ferns and use them to assist your cool-down. The Stalagmite can be installed easily, quickly and cost-effectively, because it can be placed freestanding, for example, in a previously unused niche. It only needs to be connected to water, wastewater and power.

Polaris Ice Fountain

Sparkling brilliance

The ice fountain offers you (as an operator) many benefits. Thanks to its innovative construction and modular configuration it can be installed virtually anywhere in your spa environment. Its safety system and simple controls allow trouble-free operation behind the scenes. All this with a good price-performance ratio. With an optional colour alternator, the ice fountain adds sparkling brilliancy to the ice crystals. The cooling section of your spa becomes a captivating eye-catcher.

KLAFS Polaris Ice fountain
Custom ice fountain by KLAFS

Customised Ice Fountain

Ice fountain to complement your wellness facility

The KLAFS ice fountain is always a striking feature, and its shape, colour and materials are sure to complement your wellness facilities to great effect.

Spa Basics Lite

Designed for optimum user comfort and functionality

For you as an operator, the SPA BASICS LITE offers a variety of benefits. Thanks to its well-thought-out design it can be installed anywhere in your spa at minimal expense. SPA BASICS LITE are extremely durable and easy to clean. They are designed for optimum user comfort and functionality, thus ensuring maximum relaxation and well-being for you and your guests.

Spa basics Lite

We also design and build pools and cold plunge pools

Luxurious pool design

We design and build some of the UK’s most luxurious pools, whatever the setting.

The cooling phase should end with a powerful cold stimulus – and there’s no better way than a quick dip in the plunge pool. Plunge pools and other pools from Guncast can be customised according to your wishes – and to match your spa environment.

From ultra-modern London city basement pools to 5* hotel and exclusive club pools, Guncast inspires with design and delights with unmatched build quality and a perfect finish.