Modern and sporty design

The KLAFS SHAPE Sauna from Guncast

For Health and Wellbeing

The SHAPE Sauna is a perfect fusion of sporty, modern design and high-quality comfort. Its distinctive character is manifested in the elaborate exterior panelling, which creates a very special feel. 


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Design of the KLAFS Shape Sauna

From KLAF’s Interior Line of Saunas

All of the interior panelling and benches in the SHAPE Sauna are made from hemlock, creating a uniquely relaxing atmosphere.

A strong accent is set by the SUNSET indirect lighting, which underlines the pleasant warmth with particularly soft light, like a sunset by the sea.

Striking, sporty, modern

KLAFS Shape Sauna by Guncast in the UK

The corner glass front and eye-catching vertical door handle complete the high-quality impression, which continues confidently in the interior. 

KLAFS sauna control 21029T

Options and features

The SHAPE sauna – Your way

  • SHAPE Sauna in a sporty, modern design
  • Right-angled  glass front with circumferential screen printing
  • Interior panelling in hemlock throughout
  • Refined exterior panelling with asymmetrically curved surface and 3D depth effect
  • The compact FERO free-standing sauna heater ensures intensive infusions
  • The 21029 sauna control unit is child’s play to use thanks to its large touch display and intuitive user interface
  • Intermediate sizes in 10:10 cm increments are available as standard
  • Assembly by our trained specialist fitters
  • One year warranty on privately used saunas, sauna heaters and sauna control units

Heater & Control options

KLAFS Quality. KLAFS design.  Guncast Installation.

Choose from a number of different control and heater options including:

  • FERO SAUNA AND SANARIUM HEATER: The FERO free-standing heater for smaller sauna layouts. Compact with an unobtrusive design
  • MAJUS SAUNA AND SANARIUM HEATER: The MAJUS boasts excellent infusion properties for intensive heat surges. With the patented Turboheat function you can bring your sauna up to temperature in no time at all
  • BONATHERM SAUNA HEATER: Stowed under the bench seat, it is particularly childproof and creates extra space inside the sauna
  • SAUNA CONTROL 21029/21033: These sauna control units feature an elegant, flat,one-box design with a high-quality printed glass pane, as well as a brilliant, 7-inch colour graphics display
  • 21029T/21033 T SAUNA CONTROL UNIT: A minimalist, elegant design, with high-quality inlay in an aluminium finish (in 6 colours). Ultra-compact styling complemented by intuitive user interface
  • Control via the KLAFS Sauna App – Start before you get home

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