Designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez.

The MATTEO THUN sauna from Guncast


The unique design of the MATTEO THUN Sauna by KLAFS is characterised by the interplay of wooden strips and joints which makes it almost impossible to see into the sauna from the outside.


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Design of the MATTEO THUN Sauna

From KLAF’s Interior Line of Saunas

Choose between hemlock, oak or walnut. The front section of the walls and the entire front are fashioned from floor-to-ceiling glass. The invisibility of technology is Matteo Thun’s principle. Therefore, the heater is also discreetly placed underneath the bench seat.

Beauty with Soul

Simple shapes

Simple shapes and a preference for warm and natural materials characterise Thun’s design.

Sauna Matteo Thun
KLAFS sauna control 21029T

Options and features

The MATTEO THUN Sauna – your way

  • From the designer duo Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez.
  • A perfect retreat, shielded from the outside world and yet with a view outside.
  • Clear lines, cubic volumes and indirect lighting.
  • No distracting elements or visible technology to interfere with your relaxation.
  • Invisible underbench heater and elegant, flat control module.
  • Assembly by our trained specialist fitters.
  • 10-year warranty on your privately used sauna and 5 years on the sauna heater and sauna control unit.

    Heater & Control options

    KLAFS Quality. KLAFS design.  Guncast Installation.

    Choose from a number of different control and heater options including:

    • BONATHERM SAUNA HEATER: Stowed under the bench seat, it is particularly childproof and creates extra space inside the sauna
    • SAUNA CONTROL 21029/21033: These sauna control units feature an elegant, flat,one-box design with a high-quality printed glass pane, as well as a brilliant, 7-inch colour graphics display
    • Control with the KLAFS Sauna App – start before you get home

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