KLAFS GREEN STEAM for steam baths

Reducing the amount of electricity needed even further

KLAFS GREEN STEAM for steam baths

Environmentally Conscious Green Steam Relaxation

All KLAFS steam baths from Guncast are available with the KLAFS GREEN STEAM package which considerably reduces the amount of electricity needed, in turn saving natural resources, and reducing our carbon footprint.

Through KLAFS STEAMIX and KLAFS OPTISTEAM, steam is blended with fresh air and essences (with KIN and SAN vaporisers) and channelled through the cabin. Combined with our exhaust air extraction system, steam is generated in an optimum manner and electricity is used as efficiently as possible.

In addition, KLAFS STEAMIX starts working as soon as steam is injected. Steam is mixed with fresh air and essences, creating a perfect steam room climate. Mixing the steam with fresh air just before it is injected into the room, ensures it is always hot – but never scalding. With its ingenious air flow system, KLAFS OPTISTEAM ensures the steam in the room is constant and wonderfully dense for deep relaxation.


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