Muscle and back pain relief ‘on tap’ with the KLAFS EVITARIUM® Bath

KLAFS eVitarium Bath to relax and energise

Do you enjoy sinking into the tub after a work-out, or a busy day? Is a warm bath one of your methods for treating backache, muscle pain, rheumatic conditions, or skin problems? The KLAFS eVitarium® bath could be the answer to your prayers.

What is the KLAFS eVitarium®?

Much more than a bathtub, this modern relaxation and revitalisation bath has a gentle electric current, which sends a flow of light electrical pulses through your body. These help to stimulate circulation by opening your capillaries and help to soothe your muscles.

KLAFS eVitarium® is designed to invigorate and relax the body, loosen muscle stiffness, and reduce backache and sleeplessness. It is an advancement on a trusted naturopathic principle used to treat various health issues and improve general well-being, for more than 100 years.

Effects offered by the KLAFS eVitarium®


The KLAFS eVitarium® can be used to relax the body and relieve the pain of sore muscles or backache, as well as being used to invigorate and energise the body.

The RELAX setting is designed to diminish pain and tonicity. The light current flows from your head where the anodes (positively charged electrons) are, down towards your feet where the cathodes (negatively charged electrons) are, offering ultimate relaxation, with a relaxing effect on the central nervous system.

Overstressed areas of your body regenerate faster and the relaxing sensation can be enhanced with a RELAX bath essence, containing argan oil and soybean oil, which complements the setting perfectly. This bathing experience is good for your skin and the thyme and sage fragrances also have a relaxing effect on your respiratory system.

The ENERGY setting is for de-fatiguing and vitalising. The current flows from your feet where the anodes (positively charged electrons) are, up towards your head where the cathode (negatively charged electrons) are, which is energising. It has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system and increases tonicity and blood circulation. It can feel as though your body is filling up with new energy, rather like a rechargeable battery.

You can further enhance the effect with ENERY bath oil, containing extracts of orange and mandarin fragrances, that “flows” with the electrolytes to transport the energising goodness deep into your skin.

Additional features of the KLAFS eVitarium®

Like a regular bath, the temperature of the water can be easily adjusted via the tap fittings, and an intuitive touchscreen control panel, located discreetly inside the shell of the bath enables control of the various functions. A detachable shower head is handy for showering off afterwards.

Ask the experts about a KLAFS eVitarium®

Whether you require it for therapy or to support a healthy and body-conscious way of life, the KLAFS eVitarium® could improve your life.  Contact us to find out more.