KLAFS Sun Meadow UV Lights help fight winter blues

How can you beat the January blues? KLAFS SUN MEADOW ® provides light and warmth in your home for 365 days a year, helping to boost your mood, as well as offering additional health and beauty benefits.

What is the KLAFS SUN MEADOW®?

KLAFS SUN MEADOW® is a UV light that can be fitted in your home, to provide you with the positive effects of the sun at the touch of a button, all year round.  It is available in two models – the SUN MEADOW® U and the SUN MEADOW® K.

Why choose the KLAFS SUN MEADOW® U?

If you’d like to enjoy a healthy, natural, year-round glow, the SUN MEADOW® U tanning canopy is perfect for gentle tanning and vitamin D production. Many people find sunbeds can feel claustrophobic, but as the KLAFS Sun Meadow UV light is fitted in the ceiling above, it is quite the opposite. It offers a relaxing, soothing, and gentle way to tan instantly for a long-lasting glow. It emits UV rays for a long-lasting tan and to stimulate your body’s production of vitamin D, allowing you to bask in the Mediterranean warmth and gently tan without the fear of the damaging impact of excessive solar radiation.

Why choose the SUN MEADOW® K?

If your skin requires a little rejuvenation, the SUN MEADOW® K can help give you firmer smoother skin. Great for renewing old or damaged skin structures, the Sun Meadow K radiates soothing warmth to help skin regenerate to look firm and smooth. The SUN MEADOW K tanning canopy’s gentle warmth helps to stimulate your production of collagen, which in turn helps skin to regenerate. This can make your skin appear fresher, smoother and firmer.

These UV lights are the ideal addition to your KLAFS relaxation room. We all feel more vibrant, relaxed and happy when the sun shines. Why not hold onto that feeling all year? Contact us today.

Beat the winter blues with KLAFS SUN MEADOW