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Supporting Architects & Designers

Together we’ll exceed customer expectations 

We are dedicated to helping you design the most exquisite spa or wellness suite for your clients. Drawn from architecture, interior design, construction and project management backgrounds, our team of professionals will work with you to bring your vision to life.

Our established reputation for creating exquisitely crafted pools, spas and wellness journeys will help you to exceed your customer’s expectations and create something truly spectacular. We’ll guide you through the design process and all the technical details.

Supporting Property Developers

Enhance desirability and value

Offering high-end luxury features (such as a sauna) as part of your development helps to enhance desirability and value.

Our team of designers and engineers understands the importance of maximising space in low footage, high-value areas, creating the perfect luxury addition without sacrificing vital space and budget.  We have a number of  solutions such as the KLAFS S1 sauna is a svelte 60 cm and no deeper than the average wardrobe. When fully extended, the Sauna S1’s 1.60 m depth provides a quintessential setting to relax at home in the midst of the hectic, bustling world outside.


Commercial saunas from KLAFS at Guncast


Let your wellness vision become a reality with KLAFS UK saunas. Read more

Steam baths by KLAFS at Guncast


Uniquely beautiful steam baths by KLAFS UK. Read more

Ice fountains for spas

Cooling down

For the ultimate post-sauna refreshment. Read more

Spa relaxation areas by KLAFS at Guncast


KLAFS UK offers you broad scope for creativity in your spa relaxation areas. Read more

Caldarium by KLAFS at Guncast

Warm baths

Turkish baths, brine cabins, caldariums, tepidariums, or laconiums. Read more

Microsalt for saunas and infrared cabins by KLAFS at Guncast


Generate a beneficial microclimate with dry salt . Read more

Infrared cabins and sauna seats


The beneficial, relaxing and pain-alleviating effects of targeted heat treatment. Read more

Infrared cabins and sauna seats


KLAFS UK is part of the Guncast group. Guncast designs and builds pools of all shapes and sizes for exclusive properties, spas and hotels. Read more

We also design and build pools

Luxurious pool design

We design and build some of the UK’s most luxurious pools, whatever the setting.

From ultra-modern London city basement pools to 5* hotel and exclusive club pools, Guncast inspires with design and delights with unmatched build quality and a perfect finish.

Complete swimming pool and wellness solutions


Looking for a complete swimming pool and wellness solution?

KLAFS UK is part of the Guncast Group one of the most exclusive swimming pool designers and builders in the UK.